Performance Analyst

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | Full-time


Performance analyst

A performance analyst has a strong understanding of a wide range of sources and analytical tools needed for the project they are working on. At this level, you:

  • are responsible for the performance analysis in your given area and help the project team measure and assess outcomes: for example, what good looks like and how it will be measured
  • help to plan and ensure project delivery, finding opportunities to share information with the project team, community colleagues and others
  • work independently, although you know to seek guidance when necessary
  • are adaptable in applying analysis techniques to new contexts, especially when acting as the sole representative for performance analysts on a project
  • are able to create a performance measurement framework for a project with the wider team, including identifying reporting requirements, advising on procurement, implementation and validation of tools to deliver against these requirements
  • are responsible for the accuracy and quality of data and analysis and how they are used
  • are engaged with, and actively contribute to, the performance analysis community

Skills needed for this role

  • Communicating analysis and insight. You understand the appropriate media to communicate findings. You can shape and share communications relevant to the audience. You can give tactical recommendations. (Relevant skill level: working)
  • Performance measurement. You can participate in discussions determining which performance measurements are appropriate, with guidance from more experienced colleagues. You have experience in turning business needs and goals into performance measures. (Relevant skill level: working)
  • Technical understanding (performance analyst). You understand the core technical concepts related to the role and can apply them. (Relevant skill level: working)
  • Understanding analysis across the product life cycle. You understand how the needs of the team and product vary across the product life cycle. You can ensure the team is measuring performance as appropriate for the relevant service standard phase. You can manage the delivery of services or products at different phases. You know how to plan ahead and look at data requirements in future phases. (Relevant skill level: working)
  • Understanding constraints (performance analyst). You can identify constraints and understand them and can communicate these and work within them. You can challenge the validity of constraints. You know how to ensure that standards are being met. You have an understanding of security and data privacy. (Relevant skill level: working)
  • Undertaking analysis and providing insight. You understand and can help teams apply a range of techniques to analyse data and provide insight. You are proactive and can present compelling findings that inform wider decisions. You know how to apply innovative approaches to resolve problems. (Relevant skill level: practitioner)
  • User-centred analysis. You can use quantitative and qualitative data about users to turn user focus into outcomes. You know how to deliver analysis and information that addresses stakeholder needs and provides recommendations. You are comfortable collaborating with user researchers and other user-focused professions. You know how to guide others on approaches to understand user stories. (Relevant skill level: working)
  • Verification and validation of data and analysis. You recognise and identify appropriate ways to collect, collate and prepare data, and can decide if data is accurate and fit for purpose. You know how to perform data preparation and cleansing with limited guidance. (Relevant skill level: working)